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VFX photography involves shooting static background plates for matte painting purposes through to creating time-lapse sequences.
360 degree HDR photography is also used for capturing realistic lighting of the environment for use in shader development in CG.
Photogrammetry-based construction is also used to create a highly detailed environment for live action integration and taking set
These techniques are regularly used in advertising photography and motion picture work.

Services offered

Provide background elements from HDR panoramas to capturing HDR textures for use in CG.

HDR spherical photography for shader development work

Reference photography for post production purposes

Time-lapse sequences

All compositing needs from CG integration, green screen elements, rig removal, image restoration and Titles and End credit Rollers.

550 megaPixel image resized to 15% and used as cylindrical map during projection

HDR spherical Projection Map

Omnimax Projection

VFX composite using multipass renders