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Name & Form provides a variety of HDR photography services for the visual effects artist, production houses and post production facilities, developers, architects, interior designers, real estate agencies, advertising and marketing companies, heritage and archaeological preservation societies.

HDR Photography

High dynamic range (HDR) photography is a new crop of technologies which aims to extend the dynamic range of digital imaging technologies way beyond traditional media.

It is used to overcome the limitations of electronic devices by combining multiple exposures into a highly detailed image.

In the future HDR digital imaging technology will change how we capture, manipulate, store, use and display images forever.

Services offered

  • Create high resolution, 360-degree HDR images which combine techniques and work flows to capture the lighting of a given environment
  • Professional high end retouching and grading in 32 bit
virtual tours

Virtual tours

Virtual tours are 360-degree panoramic tours that effectively capture a given environment used for display in presentations and websites. They are often used by real estate agencies and developers to market their properties to prospective buyers.

Services offered

  • Provide current flash-based interactive viewer technology.
  • Customised interactivity
  • Professional integration into your website
  • Google Map integration.
  • optional added media such as images, maps, logos, text
  • optional special effects: lens flare, transitions and camera direction
  • stunning 16-Bit HDR Printable 360 degree panoramic images
virtual tours

High resolution, Gigapixel images

High resolution gigapixel images contain more than 150 times the detail captured by a typical camera. Gigapixel photos are useful for tourism, architecture, archiving, archaeological/heritage restoration, cartography, printing of large canvases and documenting special events.

The extreme level of detail captured in a gigapixel image allows artefacts to be accurately preserved for future generations.

Services offered

  • Provide high resolution to gigapixel panoramas
  • Provide on set consultancy
High resolution Gigapixel images

Timelapse Images

Time-lapse images present an accelerated reality where hours are compressed into moments. We provide long term, high resolution digital time-lapse footage covering days, weeks and months of any given project.

The high resolution images captured are used to monitor progress of development, such as a construction site or special event and documentation for marketing and education purposes.

Time-lapse images are also used for film purposes and monitoring film-set construction offered as extra features on DVDs.

Services offered

  • Provide high resolution time-lapse sequences for motion picture and broadcast purposes
  • Provide progressive monitoring on construction sites
Timelapse Images

CGI + VFX photography

VFX photography involves shooting static background plates for matte painting purposes through to creating time-lapse sequences.

360 degree HDR photography is also used for capturing realistic lighting of the environment for use in shader development in CG.

Photogrammetry-based construction is also used to create a highly detailed environment for live action integration and taking set measurements..

These techniques are regularly used in advertising photography and motion picture work.

Services offered

  • Provide background elements from HDR panoramas to capturing HDR textures for use in CG.
  • HDR spherical photography for shader development work
  • Reference photography for post production purposes
  • Time-lapse sequences
  • All compositing needs from CG integration, green screen elements, rig removal, image restoration and Titles and End credit Rollers
CGI + VFX photography